client services

End-to-End Solution Provider.

Your business is unique and your technology solutions should be as well.  We don't make your solutions fit our 'cookie cutter', we adapt to fit the solution that is right for you!  Would a solution that is perfect for another client be right for you? Perhaps..but if it is not there is no reason you should be forced into a  solution that may not be right for you!

  • Remote Workers
  • Power Users
  • Onsite Administrator
  • Backup (& Restore) Strategies
  • Spam Management
  • PDA Integration
  • & many others...

client support


Different clients and situations demand different types of support.  Depending upon your requirements support can be provided in the manner(s) that is/are best for you.

Customized solutions

Client Loyalty

Most of our clients have been with us for several years.  Client relationships are important to our success and to the success of the technical solutions that we deliver.


Redbud Technical Consulting maintains strict confidentiality for all of our clients. At no time will any client information be shared with anyone without the expressed permission of the client.


  • Oil & Gas
  • Legal
  • Medical Research
  • Counseling
  • Dental
  • Property Management
  • Associations
  • Real Estate
  • Builders
  • Health
  • & many others...

best clients

Clients that demand better efficiency.
Why would anyone use a computer if it did not have the potential of providing you with a competitive advantage?  Your technology must increase the efficiency of your organization.
Clients with large data requirements.
Larger data samples provide better solutions. However, larger data samples provide more data management challenges. Solutions are available.
Clients with a need for better technology performance.
You wouldn't cut down a tree with a dull ax, so why put up with a underperforming technology!?  Time is money!