Example projectS

Project #1

Convert Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Network to Client-Server Network


The previous consultant had delivered a server and then incorrectly hooked up all workstations as a peer-to-peer (picture) network.  Project was to convert peer-to-peer network to the more manageable Client-Server (picture) network. 

Project #2

Convert & Extend Network to New Adjacent Building


Company was expanding into a new building next door.  Network was segmented, switches were added, buildings were connected,  and network speed was increased. A new server was added to service the additional applications and hardware that were also being introduced while at the same time planning for the decommissioning of an old server without any client interruption.  Also, additional wireless access points were added to service the new building.

Customized Solutions

Paging Solution

Client needed to send text messages to 100+ associates on a daily basis.  Client did not have any dedicated messaging services on-site (Exchange, etc.). A custom web-based program was written (which tied into the Windows Server for real-time access to associate information) that fulfilled the requirements.  Client has used this system for many years.


Replaced vendor recommended 'scan to email' solution with a workable solution.  Scanning to email caused many, many problems including 1) unknown size of outgoing email message were often not accepted by recipient, 2) sender does not receive 'bounce back' in the event of a delivery failure (and often doesn't realize that the send failed) and several other problems (black-listing, etc.)


Core projects

Infrastructure Maintenance
All technical infrastructures contain a lot of 'moving parts'.  Updates are being released by the manufacturers, security strategies are constantly changing and the software in always being improved with more features. 
Backup Strategy & Execution
If you don't backup it up, by definition that means you are willing to recreate it in the event of a catastrophic failure.  It is vital that all companies that implement technical solutions have a disaster recovery plan which, at a minimum, contains a backup plan.
Technical Strategy
About the only thing that stays the same is change..technology is definitely not an exception.  Where you are 'technically' today, may not be where you need to be tomorrow.  We will help you with the strategy to get you where you need to be tomorrow!

featured project

Complete Infrastructure Overhaul.

Client needed to replace server and most of the workstations that they had been using for many, many  years.  This required the migration of all data, email and other important information that is critical for the viability of the client from the old system to the new system.

projects list

  • Server/Workstation Upgrades
  • Wireless
  • Performance
  • Spam Filtering
  • Remote Access
  • Security
  • Maintenance/Upgrades
  • Training
  • Data Mining
  • Systems Integration
  • Discovery
  • Many, many other projects...