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Project #1

A client hosted their own email for a number of years.  Over the years the dramatic increase of spam on the Internet made the management of their email increasing laborious.  After project completion the receipt of spam messages dropped to almost nothing.

Project #2

The client's server was not performing as expected and was rapidly running out of space.  We upgraded their server and replaced it with minimal to no downtime.

Product #3

Our client's infrastructure had not been updated in a number of years.  We updated their network, the server and all of the workstations with no disruptions to the company.

Custom Products for Custom Environments




Many clients are utilizing newer hardware that employs redundancy of key components. For example, it is not uncommon to have redundant hard drives in workstations now. This minimizes the severity of the dreaded hard drive crash.
Screen Real Estate
More and more clients are needing additional screen space to manage their desktop environment.  In some cases a larger screen is the solution while in other environments the screen should be extended to another monitor.
Performance & Reliability
When your business depends upon technology, it is just important that the technology implemented provide you as much performance & reliability as possible.  The adage "time is money" is more true than ever.



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